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stuff that sux and i dont like stuff that sux

since i just watched mask the other day, rocky made a list of stuff thats good, well heres my list of stuff that sux:
1. court it tom night
2. the god damn fuzz got me again that busted almost one month apart.
3. work is being gay
4. im a tweeker
5.BIG ^R_ _ _ _ and his situation, which isnt really a situation. but it sux
6. my 'homeless' friend
7.Mr. R_ _ _ _ dissappearing from the phone. nextel can blow farts outta water.
8.not being able to smoke in the house.
9.my plans of attack will fail me for the weekend. i just know it.
10. i think ill stop here, for now. this list will go on forever, and i m gettin tired.

im sure itll get better again. my thoughts are goin crazy tweekin shit. but i like euphoria, if i even spelled that right.
whatever im rambling. damn fuck shit ass
happe belated 420 day.
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