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i'll stop bein a bitch when u stop bein a moron!!!

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what the fuck

xmas party at restlessspirit's house!!

trussmonkey</strong> drank 9 pulques, 10 champagnes, 14 white russians, 7 hot toddys and 8 cognacs.

trussmonkey</strong> moaned continually throughout the evening, calling typeogal78</strong> a dirty sober bastard. typeogal78</strong>
proceeded to beat trussmonkey</strong> with a claw hammer.

Oh trussmonkey</strong>! You make Alex Higgins look dry! You sultry fellow thou!

toxic_avenger</strong> drank 10 white russians, 14 rums, 4 aftershocks, 5 cosmopolitans, 4 red wines and 8 vermouths.

According to toxic_avenger</strong> you can kill a dolphin by gluing up its blowhole with marmite.

lorin</strong> drank 5 aftershocks, 13 brandys, 12 bloody marys and 10 pulques.

blutkrieg</strong> drank 5 hot toddys, 12 champagnes and 11 rums.

restlessspirit</strong> drank 8 vermouths, 4 white russians and 10 poteens.

_grishnackh</strong> drank 4 irish creams, 6 hot toddys and 10 vodkas.

typeogal78</strong> drank 4 champagnes, 10 goldschlagers and 6 hot toddys.

grow_to_hate_me</strong> drank 8 tequilas and 2 mescals.

Bah humbag! Its meant to be Christmas! Where the hell was all the topless debauchery restlessspirit</strong>?

Xmas Party?

Drunken fights, hammer attacks, glorious turkeys, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sex, drugs and rock n roll

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